Auralana is an energy technology supplement company offering products to healthcare professionals and practitioners. Our products utilize Bio-Transfer Technology and ProcessesTM, which transfers the resonance of specific plant frequencies into Energy NutrientsTM that are stored in water, the perfect storage and consumption medium.

This original discovery is an advancement in human nutrition technology and its availability marks a new and better path for practitioners to support their patients’/clients’ health, physiology, and overall well-being.

We are committed to a holistic approach to healthcare, never sacrificing quality and efficacy for efficiency or profit.

There is always a best-in-class product. And there can be no sacrifices in its pursuit.


At Auralana, we believe in not just living, but thriving. We believe in following the natural order of life by using technology that works in harmony with the human body’s design, never around it and never against it. And we know that by combining a holistic approach to health care with cutting-edge science we have developed truly symbiotic tools of health that support the interface with our innate intelligence.