Bio-Transfer Technology

Auralana’s BIO-SPRAYS utilize Bio-Transfer Technology to convert the energy that is stored in plants through photosynthesis into water, the perfect storage medium for the myriad frequencies that plants utilize to store energy. The different frequencies in our BIO-SPRAYS activate certain physiological pathways and functions that are critical to human health. Until now, humans have relied on plants and animals to transfer these crucial energy frequencies to the human body. Auralana’s BIO-SPRAYS represent a leap in the technology of human health and nutrition, bypassing the crude and inefficient mechanisms of energy transfer (i.e. supplements and diet) and supplying the body with a direct source with loss-less transmission.

  • Sun

    The Sun produces energy through a process called nuclear fusion. This process releases a tremendous amount of energy in the form of light and heat, which sustains life on Earth.

  • Plants

    Plants absorb light photons from the sun and use them to produce glucose through photosynthesis. They then use glucose to to grow and reproduce.

  • Us

    We consume plants (or animals that consume plants) which our bodies then convert the chemical energy into a form of energy that it can use, called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Resonant Energies

Every plant obtains its energy from the sun. It is then converted into a set of vibrational frequencies that can be used to support the bioelectric signaling impulses that flow back and forth between your brain and specific glands, organs and tissues. In physics this phenomenon in which one vibrating system (e.g., a plant) drives another system (e.g., the body) to oscillate at greater amplitude is called resonance, and it has been used to design all BIO-SPRAYs to provide resonant energies that support proper bodily function.

Everything is energy.

Auralana uses cutting edge energy resonance technology to promote the restoration of the body, mind and spirit to the natural state of balance. The result is superior health and longevity for every age group.