Our bodies are made of organ systems, organ systems are made of organs, organs are made of tissue, tissue are made of cells.
And that’s where other supplements stop - they address organs or tissue or cells. But not ours; we go deeper.
Cells are made of atoms. Atoms are made of protons and neutrons, and protons and neutrons are made of quarks, which are energy. Humans are made of energy, the most basic building block of life.


As humans we are primarily energy with a small amount of matter. Our Energy Nutrients are formulated to nourish and expand our energetic fields to bring us into the moment to support adaptation. Conventional nutritional training focuses on two categories of nutrients, macro- and micro-nutrients. The Energy Nutrient represents a new understanding of how our body receives signals and stimuli integral to our well-being. In any molecule, by volume, the Energy Nutrient occupies the greatest amount of space.


The process of energy transfer from the Sun to our bodies is illustrated below. As humans, our source of energy is the Sun, but its energy needs to be converted by plants and animals into a useful form. This process is referred to as resonance. The Energy Nutrients in our products represent a new path for resonance, greatly improving the volume that can be received by the human body. No longer do we need to consume large volumes of a variety of plants to receive an effective healing signal.